Love is Greater Than. 

Where x = Love and y = everything else: x > y.


Love is greater than . . . everything.

. . . fear, worry, money, pain, war, greed, pride, beauty, death, intolerance, tolerance . . . you name it.

Love is brighter than the brightest star, and more powerful than any earthly force.

And yet we discount it with our thoughts and actions. We may give it lip service, but at the end of the day we think it is not enough – so we give in to fear, worry, hate. We get mad and throw fits. We are turn to our own strength. We meddle. We fuss. We attempt to manipulate. We hold onto our hurts as if they will comfort us. It is all evidence that we have failed to grasp the greatness of God’s Love for us and others. That we have forgotten what His True Love is capable of.

I am as guilty of this as anyone.

If we could only stay in that place of being *fully aware* of the Great Love that created us and holds us. There is a Love so all-encompassing, and it has already defeated evil. A Love that already went to hell & back, surrendering to torture and torment in our place, to pay for OUR sins.

And Love won.

He. Won.

It is finished.

And He will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain…. This thought should create overwhleming joy in us.

His Love is THAT powerful.

And yet it just takes faith the size of a mustard seed to tap into it.

Do we really believe? Do we accept that His Love is for us? And for them too? That Love is powerful? That is has already won? That we can release trying to control? That it doesn’t depend on us?

My God is glorious – full of strength, beauty, and power. He is all at once terrible and gentle. The ultimate balance of justice and grace. His heart’s desire is that none should miss out on knowing His Love. It is up to us to choose it. We have to say yes to Him.

And when we do. . . when we finally surrender, we realize Love has been chasing us all this time. All this time we were too stubborn to see Him. And the most beautiful thing is – He doesn’t care how long it takes us. He loves us the same. True, He wants the best for us, but even if we take decades to open our eyes, He will still embrace us with the same strong arms and forgiveness than if we had come to him at first.

When we embrace the gift of Love living in us, it will transform our hearts until we become love to others. Living from a place of love emits light and life to those around us. Living any other way does not.

You want to change the world? Tap into the power of Love.

All I know is that out-of-the-blue today, I was hit in the gut with the sentence that His Love is Greater Than. And instantly my fears were washed away, and I knew I had been trying too hard, and loving too little. Instead of worry, I want to remind myself that His Love is constant and all-encompassing, and it has already won. His Love is Almighty. His Love is perfect and He is the only one in this story that always does what is right, and so I will trust Him.

Let us not forget. The cares of this world are sneaky and persistent. Let us daily remind each other to live as though we are perfectly Loved.

Because you are.


Elbow Grease

Reaching the mop far under the master bed yesterday, I cleaned away a year’s worth of dust and dog hair. Putting the stray shoes in their closet slots, one at a time, I felt a lesson coming on. Slowly, carefully, I dusted the top of our dressers, side tables, and windowsills, feeling grateful for the time to clean with such care. I put some nails in the walls that have been completely bare since we moved in, and I hung the wreath and embroidery art that seem to fit jusg right.

As I stood back and breathed, I observed that our room has never looked better. But it needed one last touch. I needed to polish my grandmother’s silver candelabra that sits on Andrew’s dresser. It was badly tarnished, and has been pretty much ignored since we moved in 2 years ago. I brought it downstairs, removed the candles, and got to work rubbing off the black.

Polishing silver is not a clean job. At least not the way I do it. It gets worse before it gets better. My fingers turn dark and greasy, coated with blackened polish.

Rubbing every tiny detail and nook of the silver takes time and care. As I rub, the lesson hits me in the face. All this care and attention I am suddenly giving my master bedroom. A room that has been all but ignored the past couple years. It’s tucked away upstairs, at the end of the hall, and often the last place I think to clean because of how little time I spend there. And it showed. The dust was bad. The walls were bare.

I suddenly felt that it somehow, paying attention to this silver was symbolic of my new life at home that gives me time to pay attention to the details. I polished that candlestick and prayed for my marriage, and for my husband – that we would care for our love, nourish it, protect it, attend to it like never before.

And finally I wiped away the polish, and buffed it until it shone. And it was radiant. A thing of beauty for sure.

Lord, polish our hearts – buff away the dull places till we shine of love.