Answered Prayers

Proverbs 13:12  –  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Standing in church on a cold December morning, tears leaking, I asked the Lord for a break. “Life has not been easy lately, Lord. I’m ready for a new chapter” my heart whispered to my Jesus . . . .  It wasn’t just one hard thing, but lots of little and not-so-little hard things, piling up. One of which was the feeling that we may never find a decent affordable home.

Back up to this past summer.  When I got a real J-O-B as a nurse, we decided I would save most of my paycheck for a house.  Our own house.  We have been renting for a while, almost 7 years now. And while renting was nice at first, (Ah! No worries!) we have recently been wanting a place to call our own.

So we began setting aside that hard-earned money, and I began to pray. Lord, let someone else be taking care of our new house as well as we have taken care of this rental.  We made a list of what we wanted in our “dream house” . . . things like 4 bedrooms, a large dining room with space for extended family birthday parties, near our church/schools/friends, a fireplace for cozy nights, a garage for Andrew to work in, a basement for Blake to drum in, an extra bathroom for the boys to . . . ya know.  We would like it to not be too much of a fixer-upper. Oh and could it please be a waterfront property? An ocean view in Royal Oak would be ideal.

And in August a man bought a house. And he renovated it so beautifully.  And he listed it for sale in December.

I had been scouring since September . . . looking for our house. I wanted to know it when I saw it . . . .

And I did.

It has everything on our dream house wishlist (except the ocean view, darn!) for a sneeze above our current rental payment.

And we are thankful for a God who provides, who heard our prayers and orchestrated it all so perfectly.  Looks like we are set to close early March.  We can move in before the kids’ spring break – and not be busy doing all this over the summer like I originally thought.  (Summers are for playing, not working).


Madison Heights, here we come!



Stayin’ Put

For so long I was looking for the next destination.

I was almost haunted by an unshakable desire to leave my hometown for something else – something unknown.

I watched people pack up and move, settling into warmer climates with new lives, and I was downright jealous. Why was I stuck here, in grey, cold Michigan? Surely God had plans to move me somewhere else . . . preferably somewhere near the ocean . . . .

I just didn’t quite feel like I fit in my surroundings, didn’t feel like I belonged. It was kind of like wearing an itchy sweater and being able to think of nothing besides getting home to change out of it.

But then something changed. Maybe it’s just me approaching middle age, or maybe it’s that I’ve finally found my place, either way, I’ll take it.

It’s been about a year now since my husband and I looked at each other and knew that we were exactly where we were supposed to be. We had found our people – a place where we fit, and a community whose vision matches our own.

This knowing feeling made it easy for us to decide that we were going to stay put. It’s amazing how free and blessed that kind of a decision can leave you feeling. No more wondering what is next. Instead, we have begun thinking of ways to dig our roots deeper right here at home.

Making the choice to “stay put” also opened my eyes to the gift that we have. How truly wonderful it is to live in a place where mine and my husband’s parents, grandparents, great-grandparents have lived! What a treasure to be surrounded by friends and family who have known and loved us since we were newlyweds.

rainy day

It’s kind of amazing how much my heart has turned. It would take an act of God now to make me want to move from here. I will take the long Michigan winters because of all this town means to me and my family. I will live in overpriced and crowded bungalows if need be, because I believe I have found something special.

And then there’s the added perks. It’s actually really comforting to know the streets, stores, and corners in my town like the back of my hand. And I have come to enjoy seeing the same faces at the grocery store every week, year after year.  Don’t get me started on attending parent teacher conferences for my children with teachers that I used to have myself. It’s all very cozy, actually, and I am thankful for that coziness . . . .

I don’t need to be wandering out in the big wide somewhere, although part of me will always appreciate an adventure to unknown places. But a bigger part of me will be glad that I have a familiar place to come home to – and all the love that means. . . .

I am blessed.

I am home.