All Growed Up!

somebody got a huge build-your-own sundae at max-n-erma’s today.

Today is her third birthday and she’s officially all growed up. three years ago, right about his time, i was checking into the birthing center for what i was sure was going to be the easiest birth ever! hehe. six hours later i had my squirming, beautiful, BLONDE baby. i’m slightly sad that my last baby isn’t a baby anymore.

But i love her as a big girl. she and i have been having so much fun together lately. one of my favorite parts about her believing that she’s all growed up is this potty thing. back in september, after months of hard work and no results, we took a break from all potty training. last week when we were talking about her upcoming birthday, she realized she didnt want to be a baby anymore. the difference between potty training a resentful child and a determined child is amazing. when we potty trained over the summer i pulled out all the stops; we had potty parties, candy treats, and we taught baby dolls how to do it, but SHE didn’t want to. and that’s huge. it’s like trying to get someone you love to lose weight. you can’t change them with all the prodding, encouragment and incentives in the world; it has to be all their decision. so she decided to be a big girl, and i almost cried a few days ago when she said to me (for the first time in her life,) “I have to go peepee!” yay! happy birthday big girl.


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