Christmas Shoes

i’ve decided that the song “christmas shoes” could possibly be the worst and most dangerous christmas song EVER. i cannot listen to that song without crying. if i am lucky, it will be just a few tears, but sometimes it’s an all-out sob. while driving. who can drive and listen to sad sad songs?! yes, i am becoming more and more sappy with every passing year, but this has to be the saddest song i know. and, for the well being of other drivers, i feel it’s my responsibility to turn off the radio when that song comes on, even if that means i may never hear the song again. ( i only listen to the radio in my car.) Does anyone else get weepy from hearing a song?
dangerous i tell you. dangerous.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Shoes

  1. I dont know that song…not sure I’ve ever heard it.
    Weepy? Other than the token weep song (butterfly kisses) I’m not sure. Almost everytime we sing “worthy is the Lamb” I end up crying.

  2. I don’t know that song either- but I’m curious. Do you know who it’s by? I have to copy Yeller- butterfly kisses gets me a little teary… me and my dad danced to that at my wedding (sort of cliche, I know!).

    I love your slideshow- great pics!

  3. it’s a song by NewSong, about a little boy wanting to buy a pair of shoes on christmas eve for his dying mom… the line that always get’s me is “she’s been sick for quite a while, and i know these shoes will make her smile, and i want her to be beautiful, if mamma meets Jesus, tonight.” argh.

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