25 and Loving IKEA

a quick funny story. someone dear to me – i would’nt dare name names – said this to me the other day: (i found it amusing, hopefully you will too) “there were times early in our relationship when i would look at you and think, ‘i cant believe i married an 18 year old, but i bet she’ll be one amazing 25 year old…’ ” i’m 25 now. any better, baby?

also – i was very excited to make my very first IKEA purchase a few days ago. i’ve visited a few times, drooled at much, and finally got to make a purchase. we bought a cool twin bed for grace that we’ve been saving for. it has three drawers underneath; perfect for a girl with the smallest room and SO much stuff. building it ourselves was a bit scary for me. i couldn’t help but think that she probably shouldn’t be jumping on the bed that mommy (and daddy) built… anywho, it’s nice to have her in a real bed (she’s been using a crib mattress on the floor…) and i cant believe it was so inexpensive!

oh! and we finally have our first REAL tree up and decorated!!! i LOVE it. it’s the classic douglas fir… i already know what tree i want next year – a white spruce. soooo pretty.


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