Skin Deep

pretty faces are a dime a dozen on this earth.
beautiful bodies are just as common.

so why all the fuss? everywhere i look i see people who are pleasing to the eye. for me, it is rare to find someone plain. instead, i see so much beauty. each of us is a priceless work of art. so what does that tell me? that God knows what he’s doing, for one.

but also, that i need to go deeper. i can find beauty easily on the surface of others, and i can find beauty easily IN others too. but sometimes i forget to look for beauty inside myself. i’ve spent a lifetime being told i am beautiful, so i can hold my head high and say with confidence that i know i’m not ugly. but i forget to go deeper. i want to know i am not ugly on the inside as well.

when i am feeling the weight of stress, i can become very superficial. worrying if i look okay becomes most important for some reaon. because i think people will like me more? because it’s easy for me to handle and succeed at? i dont know. but when the day is over i come back to thinking – i want to be so much more. i’d rather have a haggard outward appearance if i could just be a little more like the woman i desire to become. sometimes i feel so dirty, so guilty, and undeserving. God has tucked as much if not more beauty inside my skin than outside, so why is it so easy for me to forget? sometimes i wish i would never hear a compliment about my appearance again – because i did’nt do anything for it. but i tell you what, i’d love to be minding my own business one day and have someone remark on my christ-like character. i’m just not there yet.

so Lord continue what you’re working out in me. i’ve felt the growing pains quite a bit this year, and i feel them more each week. i see myself for both the struggling girl that i am and the woman i know you can help me to become. and i think i like what i see.


5 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. you ARE beautiful – inside and out, Amy! thank you for your openness and transparency – and for sharing your heart.

    i linked to your “the woman i desire to become” post. wow. that is so good! thank you!

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