my bright idea for the day

last night while making dinner i dug through a cupboard for a skillet and found some water coming from where it shouldn’t. reaching up, i felt a soft, rusty, penny sized hole in a 3″ pipe running from the kitchen sink. okay – no big deal. i was bummed, but not upset. andrew shoved a bucket under the fast flowing leak (leak is an understantement) and declared to all that the kitchen sink was not to be used (!) again, no big deal to me. i am just happy i have a bathtub to do my dishes in – and dont have to go out in the snow to wash my dishes in a stream or something.

this morning i cleaned out my sink, moving everything to the bathtub. my kitchen sink was empty and shiny. a beautiful sight. and as i sat hunched over the tub scrubbing away, i thought, “hey, this isn’t such a bad place for dishes! my kitchen is spotless, and if someone happens to stop by while my dishes aren’t done, i can just CLOSE THE SHOWER CURTAIN! which lead me to think… “wouldnt it be great if we without dishwashers had curtains around our kitchen sinks?! shoot. i think it’s a great idea. i try and stay on top of my dishes – and do it pretty well most of the time. but still there are the once-in-a-while-surprise guests on days when you’re not so much on top of things. a good time for closing the curtain. 😉


2 thoughts on “my bright idea for the day

  1. Ohhh, the no dishwasher days! We broke down and got a roll-away… so now I can hide them in there till we run it each night 🙂

    The curtain is a great idea… although, so’s the bathtub!

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