mm yeah. okay. promising to blog about something somehow takes a bit of the joy out of doing it. i should remember that.

so. my assignment. alright… friendships. we’ll start there. and based on recent feedback, the best way to get MORE feedback is to keep it short. so i will. you will get the very condensed version of the many deep and awesome thoughts that have been running through my briain.
but then, by keping it short, i’m afraid it will sound very basic. too basic. like – “why the heck is she even writing this bumbling post about common wisdom…” great. thanks.

start again.

in my life, friends are like ice cream. they are so sweet and wonderful and there for you, but then eventually, you’ve eaten them all up and they’re not in the freezer when you’re peak-pmsing and just need a sugar fix. no. that’s not right. but WHY did those two half gallons of ice cream disappear from my freezer last week. hmm? those were not good friends. dont make friends with ice cream. that’s our lesson.

no. seriously. start again.

i’m sorry. i’m feeling incredibly goofy tonight, and not at all like blogging any serious junk. i’m sitting here with andrew’s bathrobe over my clothes, my mouth guards in (i’m whitening my teeth, a gift from a friend) and my glasses. and i feel slightly UGLY BETTY tonight. very cool.

but. i’ve been dealing with expectations and friendships. trying to keep real expectations. trying to trust that He knows best. friendships are so important – they form us. how easily they slip away if not attended carefully. but our needs are different. our styles are different. sometimes being a friend can mean realizing when it’s time to let go. sometimes friendship requires rolling up our sleeves and reaching out of our own world and into anothers. and arent we all just too busy and selfish to do what it takes. but i have hopes. hopes of less hurts, and more hugs.

anyway. that’s the very short and probably way confusing version. but notice i made the paragraphs short to make the overall blog seem less intimidating and long…so maybe i’ll STILL get comments… ?


2 thoughts on “friends

  1. My friend- Moose Tracks- was there for me this week. Shame… I should have gotten on the phone and got in touch with a real friend, but I agree with you…friendships are hard work!

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