just finish the sentence, sir.

1. When I was five…my daddy drove away and i couldnt understand why. i just cried and cried. *edit* sometimes life throws curveballs that no one sees coming. that no one wants. i dont hold anything against my dad for that day. but i can still remember the pain. now as an adult, i understand. i love him so much. and everything has turned out so well. *end edit*

2. March sure is…cold. always always march is colder than i think it should be.

3. When I think of pepperoni… i think of heartburn. i havent eaten much peperoni since i was pregnant.

4. I don’t think I will… be able to easily and happily switch Primary Care Physicians. but i have to – new insurance 😦

5. Yesterday I heard… people who love eachother – and who i love – arguing instead of listening.

6. Cowboy boots… were one trend i could never get into. i was shocked when they became popular for women.

7. If I were a tree… shoot. i’d ask somebody to cut me free from my roots and carve me into a boat and sail me somewhere.

8. Computers will never… replace relationships. though they fight for your time and attention pretty darn hard.

9. The problem with toast is… nope. no problem with toast. mmm. i saw a recipe today for thick and crusty peanut butter french toast. it will be eaten in this household soon, i promise!

10. If I could, I would definitely… learn a few extra languages – AND the stinkin guitar. bah!

copy, paste and enjoy, y’all!


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