winter’s truth

read something today relating to mid-west winters…

“Winter comes down savagely over a little town on the prarie . . . The pale, cold light of the winter sunset did not beautify – it was like the light of truth itself. When the smoky clouds hung low in the west and the red sun went down behind them, leaving a pink flush on the snowy roofs and the blue drifts, then the wind sprang up afresh, with a kind of bitter song, as if it said, “This is reality, whether you like it or not. All those frivolities of summer, the light and shadow, the living mask of green that trembled over everything, they were lies and thisis what was underneath. This is the truth,'” by Willa Cather in My Antonia

dont get me wrong, i posted this because october247’s latest blog reminded me of the quote – but i really enjoyed this winter. i got outside more than i normally do when it’s cold. i enjoyed sledding and shoveling and cocoa. and seeing the trees covered in snow. and our winter was so mild and condensed. it was perfect. freezing cold and loads of snow for only for a brief time. the only winter in my life i can say i loved. i really did too.


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