tough love.

my kids are sick. for real sick. finally a reason for their intense crabbiness of the past couple days. fevers. coughs. and blake had some icky sticky runny yellow goo – oozing from his ear all day today. gross. but it seems to be relieving some of the pressure that was causing his cries of pain last night.

i was tough on him last night. i knew he was sick, and thought he probably had an ear infection – but since the doctor’s office is closed for the weekend, and i had given him motrin, i thought surely it was okay for me to ask and expect him to stop crying after an hour or two of his non-stop wailing. i was tough. not that i think i was entirely wrong in expecting him to compose himself just a little bit. it’s just hard to feel good about being tough even if i know it’s for their good. it’s hard not to want to spoil them when i realize that they are going to be adults before i know it – and i wont be able to wake up and make them pancakes while they run around laughing with eachother.

not long ago i was bathing grace, shampooing her little head, and i was once again overcome with the feeling that i want to freeze my children in their current ages. i want to shampoo my babies hair forever. selfishly, i dont want them to grow up. to lose their naivety. time is just racing by, much faster than i expected it to.


3 thoughts on “tough love.

  1. Sick days are tough… as tough on you (perhaps more so…) as it is on your little ones!

    From your comment: my sister- SAHM of 2 school-aged children said it seems that they need her at home more now than ever… all the racing to and from activities, helping out in their classrooms, etc… so be proud to still be at home!!

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