i’m becoming more and less disciplined lately.

kinda funny. i like it.

i have been oh-so faithfully playing my guitar lately – and i have sore cracked finger tips once again. very exciting for me.

i have also been faithfully excersizing almost every day. i’ve returned to the place i was at last fall where i daily feel like i want and need to excersize – it’s good for the soul too.

i took all spring break week off from cleaning my house. it bugged my love a bit – but i was on vacation. i didnt do laundry. i did dishes once – yikes. i didnt clean the bathroom. i didnt vacuum or sweep or make my kids tidy their rooms. wow. the house really got trashed. so less discpline there – but it will soon be righted. i’ve spent the last couple days making a dent in the now mammoth cleaning list.

i attempted to fill out a fafsa (free application for somethingerother financial or federal student aid…) so i could take some classes in the fall, since my youngest will be in pre-school part time. but i learned that MI’s fafsa deadliine is march 1 – so oops… maybe i’ll look up grants instead.

my brother is getting married in a couple weeks. !!!!!!!!!!! i’m soo excited for him. his engagement, to a wonderful girl he’s been with for five? years, has been unconmventional and we only just learned his wedding date last month. so may 6th it is – in watertown wisconsin… we’ll be driving, and leaving the kids with my in-laws.

i ordered my new glasses last friday, and the next day my nose pads fell off my old pair. good times! i hope to keep this next pair for the next five or ten years until i get lasik.

i have had good blog thoughts all week, and instead you get a series of short life update bits…ah… oh well!


2 thoughts on “updates

  1. You should still submit your FASFA… we’ve missed the ‘deadline’ many times and still gotten funding…I’d call the financial aid office and talk to someone about it!

    I understand your more and less disciplined ways- I find myself in a similar place!

  2. Yes – I was gonna say the same thing – I’ve filed late before but still have rec’d funding.

    I just finished a bit of the cleaning left over from “Sunday house” (oh and theres still more). 🙂

    It was really fun to see you all the other day.

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