Happy Mothers Day, Mom.

you and i are alike in many ways.

my favorite thing i got from you is the late night hysterical laughing fits. i have your eyes, (although a different color) and i have your crazy curls, but not your pretty feet.

thank you for showing me how to keep a neat house – even though my space in your house as a child was never as clean as it could have been. eventually when i had a house of my own, i had a great example to look to.

mom, i appreciate all you had to do when times were tough. i’ll never know how tough it was. thank you for all the years and the hard work. raising children is such an enormous responsibilty. the weight can be hard to bear sometimes. i am amazed that you did it (and are doing it) FIVE TIMES. oi!

oh, and yes – the picture above is the only one i have of the two of us where your head is not smaller than mine!

happy day, momma. i love you.



5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day, Mom.

  1. Well, your MOM is certainly the best and you have been blessed with her best attributes. I love to watch you and Kelly. It tickles me to see your mom in the two of you.

    It is in a way, a voyeuristic window into the past and an idealistic glimpse at the present.

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