poker-faced roly poly

cute story. outside in my back yard this morning with my 3 year old daughter. my daughter does not have my fear of bugs. she picks up, and usually unknowingly tortures, anything she can. ants, ladybugs, flies…. today she came up to me with a pill bug in her hand. she pointed out a jar in the garage she wanted me to get down for him to live in. i got the container and she dropped her friend in. we gave him some dirt to crawl in and some grass to play on. we brought him in the house. her very own pet. what is his name? i ask.

“roly poly” she answers. “I’m going to keep him in here, and he’s gonna grow big. and then we’re going to play cards.”

“you’re going to play cards with him?”

“yeah, we’re going to play cards. he is very good at cards. he has sooooo many hands.” 🙂

          May has been a boy-oh-boy stressful month for me. some good stress, some not-so-good. i am fighting hard to make some good of all of it, and not allow the depression that comes so easily to me. i think it’s working. forbidding feelings of helplessness. it feels good knowing that i can go through something that is not fun, and take it as an opportunity to make a healthy decision to postively impact my world. but i would just like to handle this situation on my plate before any more surprises come my way. one break through at a time please. youch.


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