bits of my day

no where else in the world is there a neighborhood that gets more ice cream truck visits than us. we had four drive by tonight. my kids are going crazy and it’s not even june yet. “pleeeeeeeeeeease mom.” the pleading looks, and desperate body language. i’m sure my kids think that everyone but them gets ice cream from a truck every night. oh well. they get it a couple times a month. poor, poor deprived children.


andrew’s getting some exercise tonight -mountain biking with his friend, jim. i love it when he gets to mountain bike – he always comes home stinky, sweaty and exhausted – but proud. i love to hear his subtle excitement when he tells me that he left someone in the dust on the straight paths. but i miss him when he’s gone. i am a selfish woman who likes him home with me as much a possible. but i hide it and i’m always pushing him out the door to hang out with friends and do things.


landscaping is not my forte. i very much appreciate the beauty of a well-landscaped yard, but i feel stuck in a rut with my own. a few years ago i hastily planted a few things in the empty front yard – and it looks OKAY – but too crowded and squished up against the house. and not everything i planted is thriving. ?? yet i feel afraid to try and fix it because i know SO little about gardening – and i kill so much. and my backyard hasnt changed since we bought the house. nothing but grass framed by weeds. it’s a great country look. 🙂 there are SOOO many weeds – and i dont want to spend lots on new plants – so i thought just leave it; it’s impossible. but lately i’m inspired to dig-in and do what i can. so i DUMPED weed killer all along the worst weed section today – and i’m hoping to start there with a pretty new bed of some inexpensive hard to kill, you-can-run-over-it-with-the-car hearty shade plants. it’s a start.

i’m tired today. there are toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, and laundry unfolded on my couch. and here i am blogging. yeesh. g’night.


One thought on “bits of my day

  1. daniel has been biking to and from work all this week because he WANTS to (and i get a car!). i have the same philosopy on gardening, i think, sure i’d be great, but i dont want to dedicate the time to it. i hope you left the dishes and went to sleep. there’s always monday (or i guess this week would be tuesday!) 🙂

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