dad’s aneurism.

not that y’all really need to know all this, but i think it may be therapeutic to type out a little of what’s happened with my dad.

saturday afternoon he was going for a bike ride, and while riding along a major road he experienced a headache unlike anything he’d ever experienced. the pain was so intense he crashed his bicycle in the middle of the street. a very kind stranger saw him, and pulled him over to the sidewalk and called an ambulance.

at troy beaumont hospital they ran some tests and discovered he’d burst an aneurism in his frontal lobe and he had another minor aneurism that hadn’t burst. they transferred him to Royal Oak beaumont where there was a better neuro team. saturday night they performed a surgery, going up through his leg and placing some negatively charged coils into his brain, into the aneurism to clot it, and stop the hemorrhaging. the waiting was hard, but finally at 2:30am the doctor came in and told us that dad was stable, but we’d have to watch him carefully over the next couple weeks.

they woke him up from his induced coma. this was hard to watch. he was struggling, and afraid. he made faces that scared me, but he was asleep. finally he woke up.

sunday through monday i was able to spend a lot of time holding his hand and stroking his hair. at one point he was very alert and making jokes nonstop. monday night, around 2am, he suffered some VTAC (?) issues – irregular heart rhythm stuff. tuesday was rough and he complained of severe headaches all day. IV drugs didn’t help. tuesday was a quiet day, he was tired and any stimulation (talking, lights etc…) made his situation worse. i sat in the room with him totally silent for hours. just watching him breathe. tuesday we learned that he had in fact suffered two strokes on saturday. my brother and his new wife got into town that day and were able to visit for a while.

i got a call wednesday (today? yes. today.) that the doctors were concerned about him – his processing was getting slower, he was more tired, the headaches were nonstop, and his blood-pressure had sky-rocketed at one point up to 217/110. they had to do yet another (maybe his third?) CAT scan, and perform a second brain surgery to relieve pressure and check for spasms. that was our day today. waiting for results. the doctors thought he may not make it through the surgery because of his heart issues. but he did. and the surgery went well. they didn’t find any vasospasms.

he will be in the ICU 10-14 more days. it will be touch and go for that long. they may have to repeat the surgery a few more times.

i’m getting very familiar with beaumont hospital. and i’m missing my husband and kids. and i’ve inherited my dad’s cat.

mostly i’m tired.


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