first and foremost

first and foremost: thank you to all who expressed concern for me and my family this past week. i truly felt loved and cared for.

my father was moved to a progessive care unit today – a step down from the ICU. he’s got his own shower and a plasma TV – i’m not sure he’s going to want to leave. physically he is doing very well. it will be some time still before we’re certain how much this has affected him mentally.

now onto the sillines of life:

in my quest for a good box of haircolor i think i may have found success. i am very pleased with the color i used today – it looks exactly like it did six weeks ago when my mom treated me to a proffessional colorist. so now, i just have to remember which one it is, and pray L’oreal doesn’t discontinue it! it’s preference by loreal, 4G – dark golden brown. yay!

the kidlets started swim class today. they’re both level one – -but my goal is to give them classes for the next four years or so until they KNOW how to swim. until they are so comfortable in the water that you could drop them off in the middle of a lake and tell them to swim to shore and they wont be afraid. no fear.

also: my-oh-my, i am officially a morning person. i never would’ve thought it possible when i was in highschool staying up till two am weekdays, and sleeping through first hour. but for over a week now i have woke up BEFORE six am – WITHOUT an alarm. it’s crazy. it’s cool. i love mornings anyway – it’s such a peaceful but productive time of the day. the only problem i’m having is that i’m no good for socializing past 8 or 9. but: spending a few minutes in a quiet house, sitting on the couch stroking my kitty ( who LOVES and needs morning cuddle time) and drinking coffee – and having time to do laundry and tidy up before anybody else is awake – that is truly enjoyable. i hope it lasts.


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