looking up

sitting in my car tonight at twenty mile and livernois, i couldnt bring myself to drive. my thinking was blurred and all i could do was cry. then, praying a prayer without words, i shook myself and i knew that i needed to stop the tears. having done all to stand, stand therefore. i need to hang on to hope and confidence in our all-knowing Father.

my dad wad released from beaumont this afternoon. his tests results from yesterday came back and there were no new concerns. that was good to hear. there was confusion today over where he was to go after leaving the hospital. as it turns out, because my father can walk and talk, insurance wont cover the care facitilities we had planned to take him to. so my dad is now back in his condo, but will need someone with him 24/7 for at least 2-4 weeks or until his doc. gives the okay. wonderfully his sister is staying with him for at least the weekend. i am releived she is doing that, i was starting to feel that because i am the stay-at-home mom, the long hours would all fall to me. better to share.

i’m certain the kids and i will be spending lots of time there this next month. and he’s not close-by so we’ll be hunting for good gas between here and troy for sure!

that’s the update.



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