went to visit dad again this morning.

the home-care nurse came by, and after his check-up told him that he no longer requires 24 hour care. that has been confirmed by his neurologist. all i can say is Praise the Lord! i”m glad he is doing so well. he’s coming along just fine. he needs to be checked on daily – but that’s no big deal. i’ll take him to a doc. appt on wednesday, and see him again friday, and maybe buy him groceries both days – the man is used to buying fresh food every day, so not being able to drive is getting to him. but i have his keys! hee hee.

every so often a cliche can become very real to me. for instance – live every moment as though it was your last. now, i’ve always believed that. i didnt think i could believe it more. but i do. every interaction with friends, family and strangers is suddenly so much more important. i am not sure how much longer my father will be with me, i am not sure how much longer ANYone will be with me. tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. leave nothinig unsaid. no one un-hugged. say i love you everytime you think it. we are human, mortal and fragile.


2 thoughts on “went to visit dad again this morning.

  1. Hey Amy- I just read through all of your recent posts and learned what you’ve been facing. You’re in my prayers and I’m thankful at how far your dad has come.

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