randomness from my random thinkin brain

  • i love bare feet. i’m not sure it’s the best thing for my knees/back, etc… but i love it. i love my peppermint foot lotion and coconut foot creme that andrew bought for me. they make me feel pampered.
  • we had late lunch ( or early dinner?) hey, by the way, why do they have a word for late breakfast (brunch) but not late lunch? how about we call it lupper (lunch/supper)? we had lupper with some old friends we hadn’t seen in waaaaay too long. they have twice as many kids as us, but two of theirs are the same ages as ours. the kids played beautifully, and we had such a great time. it’s one of those situations where you cant figure out why you ever drifted apart in the first place. my brain knows it’s because we were busy, and our lives took us in to different places. but it was good to see them and i look forward to having them to our place soon.
  • and wouldn’t you know it? drew’s parents called today and asked if the kids could spend the night tonight. they missed the kids, and woooHoooo!!! yeah, that’s all i can say about that.
  • there are times in life when my instinct tells me to run and hide. from problems, confrontations, challenges. when i choose to fight those feelings, it’s scary as hell, but the feeling of growth afterward is so rewarding.
  • i am on my way to seeing some of my dreams come true. it seems like i have been saying that i am going to go to college for ages. always in the future tense. but. BUT. dare i say it. i am going to college this fall. i applied for the FAFSA, i applied to OCC and made an appointment with a counselor. there are no words to describe my heart right now. i am slightly nervous, but super excited, and feel like this is similar to a long awaited pregnancy. i’ve waited and wanted it for soo long, and it’s finally come. my plans? possibly spend a while at OCC then transfer my credits to Wayne State and someday become a Registered Nurse. Nursing is something i have always wanted to do, even before my favorite TV shows were ER, Greys Anatomy, Scrubs and House. but i never believed in myself enough to think i could do it. didn’t think i was smart enough quite honestly. but seeing the hundreds of nurses this month that i’ve seen helped me to see that it IS something i could do. i CAN do it. i am so excited about nursing.

2 thoughts on “randomness from my random thinkin brain

  1. i enjoyed your random list!

    hope you enjoyed the kid-free evening…

    and i’m excited for you to see the fulfillment of your dream — going back to school and pursuing nursing. you go girl!

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