Simply Maaahrrrvelous.

ahh! after being without internet for what seemed like FOREVER, we finally have a connection. it’s marvelous.

what a busy summer it’s been, no? this has to be some sort of personal record for me. it’s late, and i’m exhausted, but i assure you, now that i have internet access, i will be writing again soon.

a few quick updates: on monday my dad had his last doctors’ visit for the next few months, and the doctor called him “the miracle man.” the doc. couldn’t believe how well my dad looked. he gave dad the okay to drive again, and today was his first day back to work. (wonderfully he works mostly from home, so he can take naps if he needs to.) i am relieved.

i’ve done a lot of footwork for starting college. registration starts online or via-phone tomorrow at 7am. i will be taking a biology and an english course. a total of three days a week in the classroom. here i go!

AND!!!!! Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!!!

“and now it’s time to say good night. we will sleep with our pet zeep. today is gone. today was fun. tomorrow is another one. every day, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.”


2 thoughts on “Simply Maaahrrrvelous.

  1. i hope you are having a great time camping. come to find out we used to go to ipperwash (sp?) and i think the pinery (sp?) every year as a kid for the 4th of july (you know…since its not the 4th of july in canada :p)

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