i’m still alive.


i finished my first college essay tonight. my sister teases me that i am only so excited because my school expreience is just begining… she assures me that in a few years, lectures wont be so interesing, and homework wont be as fun… but gee… i hope that’s not true. as much as studying in itself is not something i enjoy, while i am doing it, i am deep down excited to be learning, and using brain muscles that have been dormant for a long while.

tomorrow my son turns seven. he’s had one rockin birthday weekend extraveganza. yay! happy day, buddy.

my life is turning – again. i suppose our lives are always shifting and changing. well… with school started, and our house hopefully selling this school year, i know some changes will hit our family a bit. and then there’s church. ah, yes. church. it’s quite the subject eh? we could talk for days on this subject, and yet in the end, is there really anything to say about it at all? it is what it is.

my husband has a change of career on the brain too. please keep him in your prayers. selling cars is not a career he wakes up excited about, and it’s not the best job in this economy for a single income family. we have been praying and feel that his going to school would be good, maybe a computer related track- but the guy works all the time, so that will be very difficult to say the least… sigh….

anyway. i am hopeful for the future, it looks good to me.


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