the assignment:

write 4-6 paragraphs in thesis support format, in third person, using semi-formal word choices.

the product:

Rewards of Parenting

Parenting is one of the most selfless paths in life. Rearing children and equipping them for life is truly a difficult task. It is a job that requires sometimes unimaginable strength, patience and perseverance from the parent, yet offers no material compensation. There is hope, though, for these sometimes exhausted individuals who are charged with the awesome responsibility of shaping the generations to come. Parents who are careful to invest in their children’s lives will indeed reap great benefits.

Quality parenting often involves large quantities of time spent with the children, and this time can be as rewarding for the parents as it is for their children. While interacting with their youth, parents often watch in wonder at their children’s little faces, and almost be able to see the learning and growth happening right before their eyes. As parents teach their five-year-old to read, for example, they reap the satisfaction of knowing that through such a relatively simple act, they will have opened countless doors of opportunity for their child. It is a magical time in a child’s life, and a treasure to take part in. Additionally, children who are confident in the love of their parents, in part due to the parents investment of quality time, will not hesitate to let that love shine right back through them. Every spontaneous hug and “I love you,” swells the parents’ hearts. And with every carefully scribbled drawing that is given to a parent, children demonstrate their love. These are gifts to be cherished and rewards of the hard work that is parenting – gifts that will be missed if the parent isn’t around to receive them.

Another benefit of a strong parent/child relationship is the trust that ensues. Children are taught to trust their parents through receiving consistent love and discipline. These essential practices allow the children to feel safe in coming to their parents for advice throughout their journey to adulthood. In times of distress, these children have security in knowing they can come to their parents for acceptance and help. Earning the trust of a child rewards parents with a lifetime of conversations that may otherwise have been nonexistent.

At times parenting can be quite difficult, but parents who work hard at giving their children what they need to feel loved and to be successful in life are ensuring a bright future for them. Indeed this sort of relationship will almost certainly produce a well-adjusted, contributing member of society. It is not difficult to find examples of this; words of thanks from a son or daughter to sacrificing and supportive parents can be heard at a graduation ceremonies or on televised award shows. Alas, well-loved children eventually grow up, and leave their parents to form a life all their own, but the sacrifices and gifts given by their parents will not be forgotten. No, they will likely be devoted children for the rest of their lives. And one day, when they become parents themselves, they will have all the tools needed to successfully raise their own young ones. Great parenting from birth is the beginning of a beautiful chain reaction.

There are no clear instructions on how to be a good parent. It is a balance that has to be learned for every unique child / parent relationship. What is clear is that when parents follow their instincts and strive to do their best – pouring love and attention into their children – they themselves benefit from the process. Author Sonia Taitz put it well when she said, “What children take from us they give… We become people who feel more deeply, question more deeply, hurt more deeply, and love more deeply.” Being a parent has a way of grabbing hold of a person, and has the capability to change a person for the better, in ways they never thought imaginable.

and she got an A.
end story.


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