thank you.

once upon a time, i prided myself on my independance. mistakingly, i assure you. i am not independant, but completely dependant. mostly, i depend on god, and my husband. but lately, i have needed to depend on almost everybody else i know. it is stretching me. humbling me. i cannot do it all. i am not superwoman; i cannot do everything.

going to school while my children are young is a balancing act. but i was thinking the other day, as much as i sometimes say i wish i had gone to school before having babies, perhaps this has worked out even better. had i first gone to school and begun a career, i would have felt more pressure to return to work after a short maternity leave. and i have so cherished these last seven years home with them. so, going to school now will allow me to move right from my degree into working without a long break on my resume. this is good.

i think all this will work, but not on my own account. it will be because of the many family and friends who gave of themselves to allow me the priveledge of returning to school. those wonderful angels i know who have driven my kids from here to there, or cared for them when i just couldn’t. i won’t credit the source, but it does take a village to raise a child. i don’t deserve help – and that’s probably why it’s so humbling to accept it. and i seem to need so much of it lately, that i feel it’s unlikely i’ll ever be able to repay everyone. but i am so thankful, because without you precious people, i’d have to put off schooling, and the hope of doing something i love and earning income, for years.

so, i feel like shouting from the rooftop, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have helped, and you know who you are: thank you!!!


One thought on “thank you.

  1. yeah. it does take a lot of help..and i think it should. i, also, am so thankful for those who give so much of their time to help me and to help me help the girls!

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