Saturday Smiles

Something that made me smile yesterday:

Eating my dessert before my dinner. 

Andrew and I went to a wedding yesterday.  Something you should know about me: I have a strange wedding habit.  It seems I can never make it from a wedding to the reception without stopping for a snack.  Andrew and I will drive by someplace and I will get the hankering for a slider or some fried chicken.  I have stopped for pizza, McDonalds and candy.  Yesterday, during the time-gap between the ceremony and the reception, we stopped by CVS and grabbed some snacks.  For me: Pringles, a king-sized Snickers bar and some vitamin water, which by the way is like Kool-aid for grown-ups.  The snickers bar was opened and eaten somewhere between the cash register and the car. Mmmmmmm: carmel, peanuts, choclate and that marshmallowy stuff called nougat . . . perfect right before a sit down dinner. 

While my choice of snack may not have been all that wise, I was the only girl not shaking from hunger by the time they served dinner at 8pm.  And, Mom, I had plenty of room for my salad and green beans!

Does anyone else stop for snacks before wedding receptions?


7 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles

  1. The more I read about your quirky little habbits, the more I see how the two of us are sooo alike!!! I too have stopped between weddings and receptions to have something to eat – even my own wedding! I’m so glad you’re back to blogging. I thoroughly enjoy reading EVERYTHING you have to say; because to me – It’s ALL important! You’re a very special daughter and I love you so very, very much. XO

  2. funny.

    why do they make the space in there so long?! it just ain’t right.

    i even went to one wedding where they had an extra place to stop for snacks before the later reception…your kind of wedding i’d think!

  3. yes, must stop for snacks. Plus, sometimes the dinner ain’t so great. My brother had the best idea ever though. He served appetizers during the reception line so as soon as you walked through you just mosied on over to the appetizer line and ate while they took pics. No hunger pains necessary!

  4. thanks for the recent comment back over on my blog. i always love seeing your smiling face appear over there.

    and… i haven’t been to a wedding since i was a kid! GASP! (occupational hazard of living overseas!)

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