What a weekend.  An incredibly wonderful weekend, I should say.  My beloved brother, Kevin, and his wife, Angie, were in town for a brief visit.  We had such a good time playing euchre and eating cookies, and laughing.  Lots of laughter.  I am so happy they are married.  Just over a year ago they said “I do.”  What do I get out of it?  I love to see my brother love and be loved in the deep way that only marriage brings.  Also, the fact that I now have a married sibling hopefully means that maybe my children will have cousins before they’re old enough to drive.  

Andrew’s aunt and uncle also are in town, and we had a great family BBQ last  night.  The Ellison family is a friendly, close-knit group.  No one ever feels like a stranger visiting the Ellisons. 

In fact, we met a Foreign exchange student, Ala (pronounced Ah-lay) from Tunisia (northern africa) last night who will be our adopted cousin for the next year.   It was interesting talking with him.  He lives five minutes away from the Mediterranean sea by foot.  Nice, huh?

Things that struck me about Ala:

He seemed amzed at how much we were eating.  He was full after the hors d’ouvres of fruit and chips.  When they brought out the burgers his eyes widened as he realized we werent done eating yet.  You can imagine how he must have felt a bit later when we pulled out the cupcakes and ice cream.  Yes, I said, Americans eat too much.

Later he glanced at a calendar hung on the wall with daily schedule things scribbled on it.  He seemed baffled.  “Does everyone do this,” he asked?  Yes, I told him, Americans are too busy.  We schedule so many activities that we have to write them down or we’ll miss one.

He spends his summer days at the beach.  Where he lives, no one stays in the house during the days, ever. Homes are for sleeping.  Teenagers do not sit around watching TV, or playing video games.   They are outside, active.

Once again I am reminded at how much excess my life holds, and I long for a simpler life.


3 thoughts on “Visits

  1. What a NEAT experience, Amy!
    It is amazing how eye opening it is to look outside of our own little world for a moment, isn’t it!?

    P.S. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday…it’s on my calendar! And, we’ll eat too much! Hey, wait!

  2. Yes we are filled with excess and we call it need. I am glad you got to chat with him and be reminded of our overflowing blessings and of your desire to simplify. Camping always makes me want to simplify too!

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