Structure Brings Silliness?

After-dinner silliness
After-dinner silliness


I’ve had such a chill day.  My house is clean, quiet and calm.  It feels like a while since it’s been this way.  Summer has a way of bringing chaos into our house.  Perhaps that is one reason I have come to love fall/winter.  During the school months, I am diligent about keeping order; details like chores and bedtimes are rarely overlooked.  But when summer comes, we are all so excited about being outside and doing things, and I find myself more than not putting off my good disciplines in order to cram in as much fun as possible. 


Today, my children were extra tired from a late night last night, and our garage roof was getting a facelift, so we stayed home and relaxed.  I did some laundry.  Blake took a three hour nap.  (By the way, I’ve never seen a seven year old who likes to nap like him.  He would nap four or five hours if I’d let him. Perhaps that’s why he’s tall…) Grace helped me scrub and hose-down the garage exterior.  We grilled some burgers and MADE BEDTIME.  And in all this, I was reminded how much my children like structure.  They were so content and happy and playful today.  As much as they may beg me to break the routine to let them do various things, the days when we stick to a routine are the days they enjoy the most.  I knew this, but haven’t seen it in my house in months.  


Dinner tonight was FILLED with laughter.  Total silliness.  Grace is just a little comedian.  She makes us all, even herself, crack-up until our sides hurt.  She has been such a sunny addition to our family.  Grace is my songstress, always singing something she learned or made up.  And Blake, oh my Blake is such a blessing to me!  He helps me in so many ways.  He helps with laundry, reads bedtime stories to Grace, and he almost always obeys me without a fuss.  He and I connect very easily.  I am so blessed when I think of the gift I have in my family.  



3 thoughts on “Structure Brings Silliness?

  1. They ARE so big.

    I slip and call Blake “Kevin” from time to time, because you are right, at first glance, if you squint, you can see a resemblance.

    it’s been too long since we’ve seen you! I seriously want to make it happen soon.

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