Only on paper

Dee Hodgson shared a photo that made me remember one of my favorites of Grace.

What could be more fun than melty-crayons on a warm stove?

My Grace is well-known for her craftiness. She loves to draw.  Alhough I think she’s just about out-grown the need to experience drawing on different surfaces, it used to be something she did quite often.  The Magic Eraser was my best friend for years.  Pen on the walls, marker on the table and floors, pencil on my houses’ exterior, and chalk on my car.  Don’t even get me started on this girl’s love of fingerpainting with toothpaste.  And because she is so darn quiet, so much of her “art” time went unnoticed until it was over.  Next week, she goes to kindergarten.  Hopefully she’ll get all her artsy-craves cured M-F between 9-12…


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