The Birthday Boy



Blake's Birthday: September 17, 2000. 8lbs.5oz.


Naps are fun when your bed is a car!


8 years old today. Same Blake, just all stretched out.


Man, I love this kid.

Happy Birthday Blake!


7 thoughts on “The Birthday Boy

  1. I can’t believe it….

    seems like Andrew just called me early in the morning on that Sunday (like 7am?!) to make the big annoucement…

    and he was just a little baby at the wedding….

    I’m sure you can’t believe it.

    Happy Birthday Blake….Happy Birthday to you too, Momma.

  2. danielle: yeah, he was born just before 5am, so we waitd a few hours to call people… and most of me believes it, but some part of me just can’t help but wonder where this little man came from.

    angie: entertaining and interesting, definitely!

  3. Happy birthday Blake Elijah! We are so blessed to have you as our first Grandchild. You are a very special young man and we love you very much!
    Papa Chris and Grandma Elaine XO XO

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