How Thoughtful


“Just to warn everyone,” he said.


The Idea

The Idea


The Execution 
The Execution.
The Content

The Content


And so it is perfectly clear, the last word in his thoughtful note is supposed to be spelled:


Consider yourselves warned.



5 thoughts on “How Thoughtful

  1. danielle: he did. andrew and i were CRACKING UP afterwards.

    nikki: 🙂 i’m actually not cranky or anything, just a bit tired – as usual for when i “have a pered.”

    Blake had overheard me saying to Andrew that I was PMSing and asked what it was. I explained very briefly that every month mom’s body prepares for a baby, and when no baby comes, my body cleans itself out to start over again, and sometimes I get more tired and cranky during that week…

    Blake seemed to get a kick out of his joke too. 🙂

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