Today, I am done with my semester – I have no assignments or tests nagging my mind.  It’s a feeling of pure freedom.

Yesterday, we met with a man who will make our house sell – of this I am sure. We are short-selling, which means we sell it for whatetver we can get for it, and the bank agrees to take the loss.  We walk away with no profit,  but no loss except a black mark that will be on our credit for two years.  

When our house was listed for $78K, I didn’t even bother packing; nobody was looking at us.  Now, newly listed at $59K, I have a feeling we’ll be getting some calls.   Which means I can’t sit around doing nothing about my house situation anymore.  I am going to start packing and actively looking for a rental home.   I am just hoping to stay in our house until the school year is over so that the move will be less stressful on the kids.  You can pray for that – if you are a praying person.  

So things have been set in motion over here. We will not be in this house come fall.   We feel like it is in our best interest to rent a home for a little while.  We are praying to find a nice 3 bedroom house in Royal Oak for under $950 a month.   You can pray for that too.


8 thoughts on “Today

  1. yay!! which also means closer to me!!

    when it’s closer to the right time call rental professionals (i think they are right there on telegraph). all of their houses are under 900 (or something). they have them all over, you can specifiy the city, the number of rooms, things like that. it costs $100 for about 60 pages of rental home listings and many landlords will give you the $100 back off your first months rent. that’s how we found our last house. the number is 356-rent or something. 🙂

    excited for you!!

  2. Thank you!
    dee: Paul is actually helping us find a rental too! Isn’t that great? He’s been sending us an email everyday with around 25 houses in RO that are for rent. It’s amazing how cheap RO houses have gotten – they used to be out-of-the-question for us. I’m having trouble deciding which houses I like best, and hoping there will still be such awesome homes available in a few months when we are ready to move.

  3. I read Alece’s blog and for awhile have been wanting to tell you….I think you are beautiful. You have a peace and serenity about you that comes across in that little picture.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

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