Merry Christmas 2008! (our Christmas letter)


Dear Loved Ones,

Our prayer is that this letter finds you healthy, happy and whole. This is the Ellison family’s first ever Christmas letter!  We wanted to take a moment to share our year-in-review with all those we treasure in our hearts.

2008 was a whirlwind of play dates, appointments, and sharing meals with family and friends. Andrew is enrolled for college again, Blake has discovered Monopoly, Grace can read, and I cut off (almost) all my hair!   You can say it: “What was she thinking?”  In other news, the kids cannot wait to meet their new pets they both asked for hamsters for Christmas.

In May, we were blessed with a trip to Florida. We were able to visit with many of my Floridian family members. Blake and Grace spent time with my Grandpa Roney – an experience that beats sitting on Santa’s lap any day. This trip was also our first visit to Disney World.

In June, we spent some quality time with my brother Kevin and his wife Angie while they were in town from Wisconsin.  Also, our June included  a day trip to the Toledo Zoo, and a swimming class for the kids.

August brought our annual camping trip with friends at the Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario. Fresh air is good for families. J We ate more s’mores than is probably legal in Canada.

Andrew and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on September 11th. We are so blessed to have each other and to know the miracle of marriage.  Andrew is working for Saturn, and he tied for top salesperson in his store for 2007. Andrew also teaches middle school kids at church once a month. 

Blake turned eight on September 17th.  He is excelling in third grade, and enjoys being on the student council. Blake played T-Ball in the spring and spent five whole days on his own at summer camp with kids from our church.  He is also looking like quite the smarty-pants these days in his first pair of glasses.

Grace just turned five on November 30th.  She is learning all about what it means to be a Kinder-gartner. I get to help in Grace’s class every other week and see her in action as a student.  She is a cuddly, creative girl with a great sense of humor.

As for me, I have finished 19 credits so far toward my nursing degree.  My mom has been a great support, watching the kids often while I was in class. And I love my Wednesday nights, when I volunteer with the teenagers at our church.

Next year we will enter a new stage in our lives: the kids will both be in school all day.  Imagine the possibilities for Mom! Most likely that means I will be enrolling in a few extra classes. Our house in Detroit is up for sale and we are excited to move on to our next home, wherever that may be!

In 2009, we hope to continue growing in love and pressing on towards Christ’s calling for our lives. We would love to hear from you!

Warm Wishes,




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