St. Nick

My daughter believes in Santa Claus.  A tragedy I’m sure.  I don’t know how this could have happened.   

We were at the mall a few days ago,  and Grace asked to see Santa.  I almost didn’t know what to say, I was so surprised by her question.  

Santa has never been an issue in our house.  I never believed in Santa.  I always have explained to my kids that it is mom and dad who buy them presents because we love them.  No way was I gonna give a big red stranger get the credit.  Of course I’ve explained the tradition behind Santa Claus, but my kids know that its all just a story.  At least I thought they knew.   

Blake has never sat on a Santa’s lap.  But on Monday, Grace did.  She climbed up onto the lap of a stranger dressed in a costume (although his beard was very real and nice) and told him she wanted a Nintendo DS and a hamster. 

Grace walked away from the scene with a big grin and announced that Santa was real afterall.  


Grace last summer on a pony ride with a Santa look-alike. I "forgot" to take any pictures of her on Santa's lap.

My son and I exchanged flabbergasted looks.  For a moment I was tongue tied while Blake gave her a hundered reasons why Santa could not possibly be real.  You know the ususal proof: “What about houses with no fireplaces?”

Yet, she was determined to believe.  I smiled down at her, not wanting to crush her spirit, and told her I’m glad she finally got to meet Santa. 


Did you believe in Santa when you were young?  Do your children (current or future) believe in Santa?


5 thoughts on “St. Nick

  1. That is so sweet that you didn’t want to crush her spirit.

    I was a horrible horrible non-believer as a child. I was so bad that I would tell children that if you switched the letters around Santa it spelled Satan. Bad, bad, bad. Yeah, my aunt put a stop to that one real quick. After that I just bit my tongue and shook my head.

    My kids don’t; but I wouldn’t stop them if they did want to.

  2. Hilarious! I think it’s kinda cute. Shows her believing spirit. I still would never teach my kids to believe in Santa, but I think you handled this whole situation very well. You’re a great mom!

    (PS – never got an email about this new post! doh!)

  3. Gasp-a-licious! 🙂 (kidding!)

    We didn’t believe as kids, but we still did the Santa thing for fun. We knew the Truth.

    Same with our girls. They know what Christmas is about and Santa is just another guy in a story book.

  4. Yeah – your kiddos are still so young.

    And you know what? Grace has already come back to her senses 🙂 We were talking yesterday and she told me she realized it was just a costume on a man, and that santa is just a story.


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