Cold Feet


I have cold feet.  Almost always.

It is uncomfortable for me maybe, but excruciating for Andrew.

You see, every night my frozen little toes seek some comfort between his thighs.

He shrieks.  

I beg, “Pleeease!  They’re so cold and you’re so warm!”

I hate wearing socks, and my last pair of slippers became worn out and thrown out several years ago.  But do you see those cute slippers above? My mom bought those for me recently.  Not only are they the cutest slippers I’ve ever owned, but they keep my feet toasty warm.  I slip them off right before bed, and my feet stay warm all night long  — without having to steal some of Andrew’s precious body heat.

I’m pretty sure Drew is even more thankful for these slippers than I am.

Thanks, Mom!


And because I love it when my blog friends leave me with a question to answer, I’d like to do that too:

Can you remember a time when you had cold feet – literally or otherwise, like before your wedding?



7 thoughts on “Cold Feet

  1. Oh Aimes,
    I’m so glad your feet are nice and toasty now. You know, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always LOVED having my slippers on – at least from October thru April 🙂 Continue to stay warm baby girl!


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