Well, I never . . .

Do you know what this is?fud

I stumbled across this pretty thing today while shopping at REI.com, trying to use my member dividends before the year ends. My face squished up as I thought, “What the heck is it?”

Then: “OH! I see…Wow… Really?”

It’s actually a pretty nifty contraption.

Should I let you guess?


Its called an FUD.

Feminine Urinary Director

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

All these years, my (eh-hem) envy was unneccesary.  Turns out I can pee on a tree too!

I kinda want one.

Would you use one?

If you have time, read the many great reviews it got at REI.com. There are some serious fans out there (mostly mountian climbers and the like.)



17 thoughts on “Well, I never . . .

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  2. um. EW! I can pee standing up w/o it. I told Mike I could anyways… haven’t really tried it out yet. HA! But I don’t camp so….
    still that is so gross. I would have to pack bleach w/ me on the camping trip to wash it after each use. EEEEEwwwww!

  3. i would definitely get one. then, i would go to my brother in laws house, go into his bathroom, pee (standing up with my new contraption) making sure to leave wiz all over HIS toilet seat.

    oh yes i would.

    nice to meet you 😉

  4. That is the best EVER!!!!! I have always wanted to do that and have also been a little envious of those guys for being able to go where and whenever they wanted to. I guess we’d still have to carry the thing along and rinse it out… they still only need shake.. Sigh. Oh well. We get to have babies.

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