I am taking part in a Blogrimage.

My Instructions:

“Blogrimage: a noun meaning a blogging pilgrimage. A pilgrimage one takes where the experiences are then blogged to the community.

If you’re reading this you are invited to start a 30 Day Blogrimage me.

1. Document an activity on a blog for 30 days starting March 15th.

2. Change your FB Status to the information above (If you’re reading this…).

3. Daily update this group by posting a link to your blog

4. Daily post a link to your blog on your profile

5. Read and comment on other blogs (optional)


This is a great motivation for documenting or motivating something we wouldn’t normally experience (working out, talking to strangers). Also, this is a great opportunity to share with friends.

This is fun. If you enjoy fun, join us.

Let the blogs begin!”



 It feels strange to even be blogging again.  It’s been about a year since my last attempt, but it’s been YEARS since I’ve been a faithful blogger.  

When I read this blog challenge I was inspired. My first impulse was to tackle everything on my self-improvement to-do list all at once.  Keep the house totally clean every day for thirty days.  Do something selfless for someone else every day.  Pray more…Read more…. you get the picture.  The desire to write again has been on my heart lately, so just blogging every day will accomplish that.  I feel quite rusty.  I want to get back to that place where the words just come. 

I suppose that is my first challenge – to write again. 

Second: I will call someone (besides Andrew or my Mom) every day.  To that I say: YIKES.  I am not a friend of phones.  Conversations over the phone tend to make me fidgety, awkward and nervous.  My favorite part of a phone call – even to my favorite people, is hanging up.  And yet I know that so many of my relationships need more talk time than I have been giving them.  Who knows?  Perhaps I will learn to love it.

Third: excercise. I put this goal third because I am most doubtful that I can actually pull this off.  And yes, I am just that much of a turkey.  The fact of the matter is that Andrew and I have never been busier and making time to keep fit has not been a regular priority.  I cling to the excuse that my clothes still fit just fine, while I know that there’s way more to being healthy than your measurements.  So every day I will do SOMEthing extra for my body.  Park far away from buildings.  Pull out my Pilates video.  Go for a jog (this is something I conveniently excused away as impossible while living in not-so-safe Detroit.  But here in Yuppieville there is no excuse. )     

Tonight because I only decided in the last hour what I was going to write about, I did as many sit-ups and push-ups as I could. 🙂 

These goals may not be extremely original or difficult, but for a mom/student/volunteer… it’ll be huge if I accomplish them, not to mention a lot of fun recording it all.  I truly think blogging will be the best part of all this for me.


9 thoughts on “Gulp.

  1. Yes ma’am! Yes blogging like crazy is fun and EXHAUSTING. I’m glad I commited in public to blogging everyday, otherwise it would be too easy to slack off. I have no promises for blogs AFTER the 30 days…

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