~Day Two~

I woke up this morning with high expectations.  My high expectations sometimes get me in trouble. 

The morning went fairly smooth.  Though I had no plans for how to fulfill my daily challenge.  After dropping my daughter off at school, I came home and thought, “Well this is as good a time as any.” 

I changed into some comfortable clothing, still undecided about what kind of excercise I would choose. I was leaning toward Pilates. It’s fairly comfortable – I wouldn’t have to leave the living room floor.  But then I got the urge to jump to my most intimidating challenge: jogging.  Sometimes lately, I will be driving and see a woman jogging and imagine how refreshing that must feel. And it was a gorgeous day – a perfect day to find that refreshment for myself.

I tied my shoes and started stretching at 1:15pm.  By 1:20 I was out the door.  Ah! The sunshine and fresh air was like pure life filling my bones.  If only that feeling could have lingered a little longer….  Building up to a brisk walk I was still feeling good, and even upon first breaking out into a jog, my hopes were high.  “I’m finally doing it!” I thought.   Finally.  It’s been about ten years since I last jogged – for real – since before my son, Blake, was born.  I have done Pilates, I have joined and quit a gym, I have done crunches galore – but no jogging.  

It was about the third block that I remembered why I don’t jog anymore.  Ugh. My lungs are already beginning to burn.  My brain again: “Are you kidding me?!”    When I was in junior high I was on the track team for about a minute – that’s when I learned I had exercise-induced asthma .  My doctor gave me an inhaler that I used briefly but pretty much hated.  My solution was to quit track. 

The memory of it all came rushing back today as I struggled to exhale.  I slowed to a walk. Walk a couple blocks, jog a few, walk, jog, walk, and so it went for twenty minutes.  I was frustrated.  But really, what could I expect for my first try.  I may take a few days before I try jogging again.  And I’ll take it slow, and not expect perfection.   

As for my phone challenge, this was actually more difficult than I had thought it would be.  I decided my phone challenge needed some rules.  First, I need to be the one that makes the initial call; return calls don’t count.  And second, I think I will count calls to my mom afterall – I really don’t even call her as much as I should.    I also realized that there’s a good chance that if any of my friends read my last blog they might feel a bit hurt by my saying that I enjoy the part of the phone call when it’s over.  But really – Phone calls are scary for me, but they are worth it.  I am always glad I had talked with someone after it’s over.  And there are people I truly want to connect with over the phone. So friends, if you are reading this: please don’t give up on me.  🙂

Today I was called a couple times by Andrew and my dad.  And I talked with someone from church – discussing plans for tomorrow night’s Supercharged events.  But none of those calls were initiated by me.  This task nagged me all day, but I am so good at excuses.  I can always think of a reason why someone I know might be too busy to talk on the phone.   And yet I finally made a call.  After tucking in the kids, I dialed my friend, I’ll call her Lovely.  I got her voicemail.  This presented another problem.  What do i do if the dialed person doesn’t pick up?  I could keep calling friends till someone picked up, but that sounds exhausting.  I suppose I will stick to my plan of dialing out to one person a day.

Wowsa. This is a long post. Overall not a horrible start to this Blogrimage thing.  Nighty Night!


8 thoughts on “~Day Two~

  1. Thanks for being so real with this blogrimage. It’s when we commit we often realize our tendencies to quit. Don’t give up! You’re doing really well.

    Jogging is tough, but it will get easier–there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m dying everytime I jump rope, but I’m clinging to the same hope. ha.

  2. i sympathize with your phone call fears. I write for a local online magazine, and I have to call -strangers- to schedule interviews. I say, “It’s 8 in the morning! I at least have to wait til 9.” I let 9 pass and turn to noon and I say, “it’s lunchtime! they won’t even be around,” and then suddenly its five and I tell myself I can’t call because they’re probably going home from work and eating dinner and all that. suddenly a weeks gone by and so has my deadline.

    So keep on trucking. and I think that you should leave a message. It counts if you initiate phone tag, certainly.

  3. “I wouldn’t have to leave the living room floor”, Ah… exercise! 150 years ago we all got up before dawn walked outside milked the cows, feed the cows and chickens, the horses… then after 90 minutes we went back to the house and had breakfast. I do not think it is important to jog, but it is important to get moving.

    I teach diet and cooking once a week and people are always asking me what should they do. What they should eat and how they should exercise…and how far they should walk. I tell them to walk every day. Don’t set out to go fast, go out the door to enjoy the walk, the sounds, the view, the fresh air. Go for a half a mile, go slow, but go at least three or four times a week. And after a year of this (enjoyable walk), you will find yourself walking further… wanting to take more time, and enjoying the walk.

    If you walk regularly, don’t eat white thing (bread, potatoes), eat whole wheat products, no High Fructose Corn Syrup anything, no process frozen stuff…you will wake up HAPPIER and healthier every morning.

    Now about those phone calls. When the party you are call answers the phone say, “Is this a good time to talk?”. Noticed I did not say, “Is this bad time?” Let’s keep it positive for everybody…their MIND and YOURS. Remember they love you! And be aware it might not be a good time…and that is OK, schedule a better time. And make sure if you are answering the phone, and you have said “Yes, this is a good time”;..here is the secrete… STOP EVERYTHING and talk to your friend. Do not continue to watch TV. Walk out of the room to a quite place and give the person your gift of total attention as long as you can…5 minute or 25 minutes. And when you can no longer afford them your complete attention…(the kids are biting at your knee caps), just tell them “OH my god it has been soooo nice talking to you but my knees are bleeding from the gnawing of children’s teeth. Is there a good time for me to call you back?”

    I guess most importantly, whether you are out the door walking or on the phone don’t be anxious, enjoy what you are doing as long as you can. Breath deep, relax and be in the moment you are in…SMELL THE ROSES!

    P.S. CALL ME.

  4. Keep at it! I love to run but it’s my KNEES that prevent me from doing so.
    Let me know what you find that you like. A bike may work. I also use the eliptical at the gym, but it stinks to be inside on a SUNNY day!

    Love you!

  5. Dad! Thanks for the advice 🙂 And re:”150 years ago we all got up before dawn walked outside milked the cows” You’re older than i thought! heehee. Yes, I am all about being in the moment – which sometimes makes calling people seem like even more of a commitment. I (usually) dont clean or take care of other things while I am on the phone…

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