Day Three

              I don’t have a lot of time tonight.  For the next couple days I will be doing some heavy studying for my upcoming Microbiology Exam. 

              I knew today was going to be tough for ftting in some sort of exercise.  I planned on spending all afternoon on a term paper, and church will take up most of my evening.  So my idea was to do at least something small.  

             I drove to my school, and pulled into in the furthest parking structure.  I drove all the way up to the roof.  Again, a beautiful day to be on a roof.  I was all alone up there!  I hiked down the four flights of stairs and then to my school.  It was something at least.  Definitely more than my usual.  Normally I am so protective of my precious time that I try to find the closest parking spot.  And parking far away didn’t really take that much more time.  Climbing UP the four flights of stairs with Drew’s ridiculously heavy computer bag was even a bit of a workout. 

After leaving my school, I headed right to my kids’ school to pick them up.  I got there about 20 minutes early (which is a requirement if you want to snag a parking spot.)  Then I decided to COMBINE my challenges.  Getting out of the car, I called a friend (I’ll call this friend Sunshine) and I began to walk laps around the school.  It was a really pleasant conversation and I felt no anxiety about it whatsoever.  I was only hoping she could hear me over the noise of the 13mile traffic.  So I speed walked and got to connect with a dear friend all at the same time!  It felt wonderful – good for my body and my soul – and way more succesful than yesterdays attempts.




8 thoughts on “Day Three

  1. That’s interesting.I don’t usually drink anything carbonated… maybe a coke once a month or so… but I’m glad you found something that worked for ya! When I was doing aerobics everyday I took glucosamine and chondroitin for my knees – it totally helped.

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