Day Four (but who’s counting?)

Ugh. Well, I am already tired of writing about exercise. It’s definitely not my muse.  And I can only write so much about my phone calls without breaking confidentiality and all that.  So I think that though I will continue to update the Blogrimage world on my progress, I’ll be keeping it short, and then have fun just writing.  Afterall, writing was one of my purposes in all of this.

That said, this morning I dusted off my pilates video and got at it while my daughter (ever so helpful is she) criticised my technique.   It felt good.  Later, I got a sweet interruption to my afternoon studies.  Ms. Lovely called me back!  Man, Lovely and I  had some serious catch-up talking to do; we talked for an hour and fifteen minutes. So much for studies… 😀  It was totally worth it.  Then I called my momma.  I love talking to her, no matter how short we like to keep our talks.  I think she and I have similar relationships with telephones.


Today I am thinking (again) about honesty and confrontation.  Sometimes in life I have found it easier to say nothing than to speak up and possibly hurt someone.  But sometimes not speaking up can have negative consequences of its own.  And then other times I have spoken too soon, (and probably without checking with The Spirit inside me if I should proceed) and have caused damage and hurt.  It’s these times that flash through my mind and make me question what I want to say. 

I will not pretend to have any answers here. 

Some thoughts: First, check my intention and motives.  Is Love the driving force?  Is the person ready to hear it?  And then, do I have the green light from God – a peace in my heart if you will.   The more I ask Christ for direction, the more clearly I can hear His answers. 







4 thoughts on “Day Four (but who’s counting?)

  1. Amy, first of all, I love that you are calling people for your blogrimage. There are so many people that I always want to call and catch up with, but never do. This is definitely a discipline that I want to acquire in the future. Fortunately, these blogs are helping me catch up with some people, however minimal it may be.

    Secondly, is momma a code word someone, like Ms. Lovely? 😉 When you use code names I feel like I’m either reading Dear Abby, or watching a movie co staring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

  2. great post today, I knew i wouldn’t be able to do anything not theology related for 30 days so i decided to be as vague as possible with my directional intent when i posted the first one. Thanks for letting us see a little slice of life.


  3. Let me say Amy; I enjoy your writing… it moves me to think about my current actions and decisions… To reflect on what is the right thing to do. In my judgment to decide what is the right thing to do, I consider my boundaries and the boundaries of others. To respect, secure and keep intact theirs and my mental healthy by promptly acting to avoid confusion: I make things clear as possible, as soon as possible. I strive to not be vague, but to be forthright and firmly (but courteously) define the action in interpersonal relationships. That being said; you are right timing is everything. Taking the patients to understand FULLY where the other person is coming from, before I paint them a picture of our future relationship is VERY important. But, once I am certain of nature of any present circumstance – I move forward to declare it and establish it.

    Sometimes the kindest thing to do in love is to be firm and to be prompt. Because lingering ambiguity never foresters good!

    LOVE Dad!

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! Commentts really do make blogs worthwhile.

    Joe: sorry, no – momma is really just my momma. but maybe i can ive her a code name too! I’ll call her “Sheep.” (It’s an endearing inside joke in our family)

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