Day Five…

It is late.  After a full day, I was sooo tempted NOT to blog tonight.  Everyone in my house is asleep now – but me.  Well, that’s not entirely true, I can hear  Blake’s hamster rustling around.  But Drew is laying here next to me in bed – sleeping like a baby… 🙂

Challenge Updates:

I called my Dad tonight.  He has been patiently waiting for my call, I’m sure, since he has been reading my blogs…. Something I love about talking with my dad?  Sometimes we totally get each other – usually in our humor – and it can cause some great deep belly laughs from both of us. Dad’s are a good thing.

I repeated the parking far away from school thing again today.  Which felt like nothing.  So then when I got home around five, I proposed to my family that the four of us walk downtown Royal Oak (For out-of-town-ers, Royal Oak is a nice and growing little epicenter of life around these parts….)  We did.  And stopped for a bite to eat at a yummy independent taco place, Zumba’s.   All in all I walked about 2 miles, and got to enjoy the sunshine and the company of my family. 

Man. If it was a couple hours earlier I coud type a post about how my son is suddenly turning into a man, or maybe a post about Dad’s.   But I can’t time travel – so y’all will just have to wait for those precious nuggets!


6 thoughts on “Day Five…

  1. ZUMBA’sssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that place. I can’t think of anything better than walking with your family and grabbing a TACO at Zumbas. Tacos and water are cheap and soooo much fun. I know that owner…he is good friends with Dante D..


  2. I was tempted not to blog as well, i’m sunburned, exhausted and still haven’t written tomorrow night’s sermon. haha. pray for me.

    sometimes it’s best to write little.

    I didn’t have much to say, in fact. before my conversation with J, I had no material, i was gonna let the quote speak for itself. Keep on keepin on.


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