Day Seven: Spring Training!

Back to the Blogrimage challenge.  

First things first, I am experiencing a little setback to my phone call challenge.  My Phone is breaking/dying.  It has been acting weird for a little while, but for the last 24 hours, it’s just being plain old difficult.  I even made it sit in time out today, but it still refuses to cooperate.  basically, I can’t see the screen most of the time, it just glows white.  I can receive calls, but making them is darn near impossible. 

Thankfully at one point this afternoon I opened my phone and it did not get all blank white on me, so I called… “Belle”    She is always fun to talk with. Among other girl talk, I got to hear about all her recent home decor updates.   She’s like a sister to me 😉 

While I was gabbing my kids were pulling on my arm, asking me to come play.  So I graciously let Belle go.  I added some layers and headed outside with my family and we ended up walking to a park and playing a little baseball.  I count that as my daily dose of excercise. The walk to the park may have been relatively short, but running after Blake’s foul balls kept me on my toes. 🙂

And then, after feeling all healthy and active, I came home and cooked some oh-so-unhealthy bacon pasta.  FULL of bad fats, I’m sure.  *sigh*  It did taste yummy, and was budget friendly, but eating like that all the time would pretty much erase any headway I am making on my health with these exercise snippets.  I have always been one who resists fad or extreme diets and instead I tend to favor balance and portion control. I have been pretty conscious this year about my saturated fats and sodium, not always altering my diet, but conscious at least.  That’s where it starts. 

Where does my day end? A little phone research online.  When I go to TMobile tomorrow to see what kinds of free phones I can get, I want to be prepared.  Good Night, All!


6 thoughts on “Day Seven: Spring Training!

  1. Well Good Morning Amy!

    I woke up and went for a walk this morning at 6 AM. The way I see it I am in a fight for my life and to have good health. It seems that when you are young you can get away with anything, eat anything, lay dormant for month and then jump up and run miles without prep. The elasticity of our health wanes as we grow older and our ability to accept abusive eating habits and lack of exercise becomes intolerable as we try to maintain a normal life.

    I have been doing a lot of studying about Type II Diabetes, which is beginning to affect many older Americans and will be a major health problem of even a greater proportion for younger Americans who have been subject to poor quality of food by our Food Industry. I have had to decide whether I want to live life to the fullest or survive in some healthy state.

    May Americans are addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and running to the doctor, without making a serious effort to correct their diet and exercise habits. Believing that drugs can fix it is a BAD mental state. If you want to move a tree… move it when it is a seed. Proactive is always better than reactive. A doctor favorite patient is the one take care of their diet and exercise.

    Personally for me, I MUST be VERY vigilant, because I do not want to be addicted to insulin when I do not have to. And the reality is, if I do what is right, I will wake up ever morning with MORE energy and live a happier day.

    OK, enough said.



  2. YEs Type 2 is becomming quite an issue… and it is not hereditary, but totally preventable. When youngsters consume too much sugar, or when adults puot on the pounds… Thankfully, I have never felt at risk for diabetes… we dont do a lot of sweet drinks or desserts… and my percent body fat is very good right now and i plan to keep it tat way… I am glad you are taking care of yourself, Dad going for walks and watching your diet! It’s all very important for sure.

  3. ha! totally, jeremy. As my friends could tell you, I am very good at treating my soul with yummy things! I guess I’m just learning that if i am ALWAYS treating myself, the treats are less special… but oh yes – bacon is good for the soul.

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