Day Eight: choose love.

Challenge Update:

Excercise: Crunches this evening.   Phone:  called my friend “Prudence” today.  Even got to see her for a bit.  All these phone calls are good for my soul, I can tell.  Connecting for any length of time with people who matter to me is refreshing.

Being Mom was tiring today.  There are times when I am tempted to be overwhelmed by the fact that there are two lives depending on me.  Two lives that I can pour into, or alternately, cause them harm.  Days when I am not strong, though I try my best to hide it from them, I know they can feel the waves.  The older they get, the more perceptive they are of my frailties.   Tonight, stepping back, I want to remember that they really are not my children at all and that is a good thing, because I will never be perfect.  No, they are not mine, they belong to Christ.  I choose not to worry, but to trust that my God has them in His mighty hands.  And may whatever weakness they see in me only pull them more tightly to our Savior.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about the example of Jesus.  I am glad Jesus was not a politician, nor was he seemingly interested in politics.  He was all about people.  Loving people.  Let politics have their place.  But let Christians represent Christ in the midst of it all.   If Christians turn ugly, ranting protestations,  how then would the people of Christ look any different from the people of the world. I understand that Christians are getting used to having a democrat for a president again, but should we not honor and pray for our leaders no matter what party they belong to?   I implore my brothers and sisters to turn off their conservative radio and television for a while, and instead open the Bible to see Christs example of love.


7 thoughts on “Day Eight: choose love.

  1. Hi Amy! I just tonight started reading your blogs… I’m such a loser to have been ignoring them for this long. I’ve become a lazy internet user since Facebook came into my life. Anyway… I admire what you’re doing w/ trying to write often and calling. Boy – I hate using the phone to communicate. That would be a good exercise for me! LOL But what I really meant to say is that I really needed to be reminded that the kids aren’t “mine”. I sure feel like a loser a lot lately w/ certain children who will remain un-named, but which are only 2 years from adulthood! (LOL) But keeping in mind that they have a destiny I can’t fathom is a focus I don’t have often enough. I can’t say it right… but I get a feeling you know what I mean.

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