Take one day off and I feel all out of sorts.  But it must be day 10.  I am 1/3 thru this Blogrimage.  Already I am wondering what I will  do on day 31.  Will I continue to blog so regularly? I hope so.

Yesterday was a flop as far as my blog challenge goes.  I could give excuses, but really when it comes down to it, I didn’t make time.  I kind of agreed sometime in the morning that I wasn’t even going to try.  Hmm… 

But today was much better.  I made a phone call to Spirited.  She was at Kohl’s, so we may talk longer this weekend…   The phone calling is getting easier and easier.  I’ve found that I simply have to muster up some courage and dial without thinking too much about what I may be interrupting on the other end.  I wish the excercise was getting easier too…

Aside from jogging,  the forms of excercise that I’m choosing are not extremely unpleasant physically.  Rather, I just find them SUPER BORING.  Crunches? blah.   push-ups?yuk.   pilates?YAWN.   I pretty much hate all those things.  The entire time I am doing them I am just watching the clock, waiting for it to be over.  But they are some of the easiest to fit into my lifestyle.  When I had a gym membership, i rode the bike hard for 30 minutes and then hit the strength training machines. I loved that.  Weights are fun for me.  Pilates? not so much.  I think walking would be my ultimate favorite – fresh air and God’s creation to admire all around me – but that requires that I leave my house (ALONE, cuz no way my kids can keep up with me) for at least 45 minutes – which isn’t possible most of the time.   Excuses aside, I need to figure out a way to work walking and biking into my day, because I really get into those.

I read your comment, Pradeepan, about writing more on motherhood.  I am thinking on that for sure.  I would like to.  But I also don’t like making my blogs too long…  perhaps just a few tidbits here nad there until this excersize/phone challenge is over. 

Side note: Wednesday nights in March are like Spirit Week for the youth ministry I help with.  It’s been super fun.  Tonight, Star Wars night, I tried to pull off Queen Amidala.  Last week was “Me, Ten Years Ago” night, and I got to be pretend pregnant (which is still as fun today as it was when I was six)  we’ve also had Western and Extreme Hair Nights.   Next week is Countries of the World Night and I’m gonna pull out my saree I picked up on a trip to India.  

And now I must get back to that homework that I never finished from last night… after I read a few of your blogs of course!


One thought on “Day…10?

  1. Good Morning Amy!

    Welcome back from your much deserved one day Blogrimage-Vacation; I am so glad that you took time to REGENERATE yourself. We all love you and are glad you took the time off to rest!

    Exercise: I recommend at least one of your exercise days be with the kids exclusively. Try doing these things for 30 minutes straight, in combination: Hula Hoop, Tag with two or more children, Statute, a race to the other side of the park, SKIP ROPE, Hop Scotch… do it all for at least 30 minutes and don’t stop until you drop. In the middle of hop-scotch take 3 breaks to race Grace and Blake at stomach crutches (remember as you get back up to tickle them). This should alleviate the boredom. It’s like a workout with a positive attitude.

    I found it very insightful that a little girl would want to pretend being pregnant. Of course I have seen this many times, but I never realized that the childhood experience is so strong that the sinews of the feeling, the memory, would draw a full grown woman to bath in that feeling 20 years later.


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