Day 11: Birds and Bees


I picked up a book today at Barnes and Noble.  I can’t decide if it makes me nervous or equipped.  It’s titled” What’s the big deal? Why God cares about sex.”  This book will help facilitate conversation with my nine-year old son over the next couple weeks.  Over the years, we have been fairly open about the birds and the bees.  But Blake is getting older, and about to start sex-ed in school for the first time. 

It is scarier than scary for me to have to think about him being old enough to hear boys ‘talking’ at school.   My first response is to shelter him.  Heck, why not homeschool him again?  But oh, I know that sheltering a child is only setting him up for shock and confusion later.  So my husband and I are being proactive and making sure our kids are completely aware of anatomy and – and aware of what God thinks about it all.   There are chapters on periods, AIDS, movies, ity…    *deep breath*   Yeah, so that’s our sex talk for today folks.  Any questions? Go ask your mom.  

What it all boils down to for me is that my cuddle bug grew two feet while I wasn’t looking and is about to be thrust into a very difficult time of life (puberty and all the craziness it brings) and I want to twitch my nose and make it all stop! Okay, that’s a bit dramatic.  Really, I enjoy his getting older – connecting on deeper levels with my offspring is amazing, and watching him grow into a man will be fascinating I’m sure…  I digress.


Hebrews 12:11 “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. “

Pastor Greg mentioned this scripture last night, and it totally fit with how I’ve been feeling about this excercise challenge I am doing.   Shoot, that scripture fits for so many times of discipline: the times that chose, and those that God just threw my way.  

Tonight I did push-ups and leg lifts and some variety of crunches.  I did not phone anyone today.  I am crabby at my phone.  I just hope it makes it until my new one is mailed to me.  Andrew tried to call me today, and I couldn’t answer… grrrrr… 

And I will leave you with a list that I found on Donald Miller’s blog: 

Seven books to make me a better writer 

1)  The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

2)On Writing Wellby William Zinsser:

3) Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

4)Save the Cat by Blake Snyder

5)Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell 

6)On Writing, by Stephen King

7)Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury

My picks to start?  1, 3, and 7.  After this semester is over of course.  g’night!


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Birds and Bees

  1. As any dad would say… “Well…go ask your Mom”…

    You go Girl! There is nothing like a good book or a good conversation to learn a little more and move forward. I applaud your courage. The teenage years are tough and it takes a lot of patience, conversations and insight to reign in success.


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