Day 12: is there an app for that?

Disclaimer: This post may not be suitable for the squeamish or testosterone-prone.

I have actually been enjoying the way my body has felt these last 12 days.  When different parts of my body are sore, it reminds me of what a gift my body is, and all it’s capable of if I let it . . . if I choose to use it for more than sitting, driving, and standing.  But one odd consequence I wasn’t expecting from all this is that it delayed my period, (yup, I’m talking menstruation here, fellas. my apologies.)  Yes my period was 11 stinking days late.  I was supposed to start the day after starting this new excercise challenge, but lo and behold… nuthin’.  By day 10,  I was beginning to wonder if Andrew’s vasectomy hadn’t miraculously reversed . . . oi.  But today that fear has been put to rest.  Aren’t ya glad you read my blog today?  This could actually be a good thing though.  If exercising means I get to have fewer periods, it might finally be appealing to me.

Okay, since it’s already out there, because I was not feeling so hot today, my excercise was to again park on the roof of the furthest parking structure for school.  Later, I visited Meijer – and parked way out on the edge of the universe. 

It could be argued that shopping at Meijer is excercise in itself.  I think I would like an app (for my imaginary iPhone) where I could enter my shopping list and my phone could map out the most efficient route through the craze of goods that is Meijer.  I always end up backtracking and circling and wandering…. yeah, i need an app for that.

Finally, I am hereby NOT making phone calls until my new one arrives next week.   It’s not a huge deal to me because, unlike the excercise challenge, I have discovered that I really don’t hate the phone anymore, and I think I have made a good new habit for myself…


4 thoughts on “Day 12: is there an app for that?

  1. 1. generally, I think men need to get over themselves re: menstruation talk. (maybe we males need to get over ourselves in regards to everything)
    2. way to not hate the phone anymore! you’re an inspiration to all of us telephobics.

  2. HI Aim!

    I am glad you are enjoying your phone calls… I knew you had it in you all of the time. About the Meijers ap… a great idea! I know of a guy who went into a Meijer when they were 24 hours and …well….well that is it….he went in and never came out. You know when you come home and things are missing that you thought you had bought at Meijers… well he is the guy that took them out of your cart.

    And it is pretty normal for exercise to change your cycle. Women who run at the marathon level can go 6 months without a cycle, some years. Of course then they go for arthroscopic surgery on their knee and lay in bed and then… Women in menopause can benefit greatly from regular exercise. So with exercise you can regulate your cycle, loss weight, boost libido, gain mental agility, positive attitude and gain muscle tone. Go, go, gadget…copter….


    PS … Let Jeremy know that men all get over it eventually …When the one you love has babies and you are there, when you lose a baby, when the one you love is very sick and she and the kids are ALL throwing up and you are the man in the middle, when the one you love hits menopause and she is never comfortable and confused…ahhh…there is no greater cure for fear than participating in life.

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