Day 13: Call Me Susie.

It’s Saturday again!!  My day of rest, remember?

In the background I am watching Chance of a lifetime with Betty White…

A look at my day:

For lunch I made some awesome turkey-bacon turnovers and homemade macaroni and cheese.  I don’t always cook that much for lunch, but we were having friends over.  Saturday lunch fits our schedule easier than any dinner . . .  luckily it seems to work well for other people too.  We got to spend a few hours connecting with friends we hadn’t seen in too long.  Good people. Cute kiddos. 😉

I also visited my dad today, who is mid-kitchen renovation.  His new granite counters are stunning.

After dinner, the kids popped some popcorn and watched Catch That Kid, while I baked FOUR DOZEN cornbread muffins for a fundraiser dinner tomorrow. I felt like Susie Homemaker today for sure – in the kitchen all day.  Which is not terrible, I do enjoy cooking, but at the end of a long day in the kitchen I have the feeling like I missed something.  And I am pretty sure I did.  I treasure my Saturdays so much because they can be so full of cuddles and hugs with my kiddos, but that didn’t happen today.  I wonder if they missed it as much as I did.   I think I’m gonna have to double up on cuddles tomorrow afternoon.


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