Day 14: Learning to Dance

What an incredible night! I was seriously impressed by the missions fundraiser dinner and silent auction at church.   The atmosphere was perfect: bee-lights everywhere, creative collages, festive mariachi band, and mouth-watering food.  It was fun to just watch everyone – especially the falsetto singer in the mariachi band – that was the highlight of my day.  I love good falsetto anyway, but it’s especially fun when it’s sung by someone who feels a bit conspicuous singing that high. I came home with sushi and candy store gift certificates.  Shopping at fundraisers is fun and guilt-free because it all goes to a great cause… like sending my husband to Guatemala.  😉      

Business notes: I am still waiting for my phone… maybe tomorrow?  Grace and I did Pilates today, and Blake was the critic this time.  He was seriously impressed with the flexibility of the ladies in the video.  Notice he was not seriously impressed with how flexible his mom was…  but to be fair to myself, he said that most of the kids in his class can’t even touch their toes.  That’s kinda odd, no?

Today I am thinking on Galatians 5, about what it means to be given the freedom of the Holy Spirit, and what it means to walk in it.  My Bible says in Galatians 5:25 “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”  When I read this, I imagine a dance.   Other versions simply say “walk in the Spirit,”  but I like ‘keep in step with,’ because to me dancing requires much more communication than walking.  Dancing requires you to be aware of where the leading partner wants to take you.  I want to be fully aware of where the Spirit wants me to go.  Who should I say hello to? What am I to say next? How should I spend my afternoon? The answer to questions like these can not be found in the Bible, but they can be found when I quiet my thoughts and ask Jesus what He wants to say to me at that moment.  I have been practicing this a little, and have been pleased with how it’s going.           

Once upon a time, my dad took a much littler me to this cute little town in the French Alps… Spoiled much? Perhaps, but in all the best ways.

8 thoughts on “Day 14: Learning to Dance

  1. The dinner was AWESOME! The mariachi band was definitely the highlight of my night. I like the analogy of a dance. There’s a balanced rhythm involved that only comes from listening to God’s voice.

    PS- I comment on like every single thing you post but only because I love reading your thoughts so much 🙂

  2. liz: Thank You for the comments!! i love reading your blogs too… your last one had me singin an old church song for days…(yup, i’m still singing it…)

    I love when people comment. It truly makes my day. But at the same time, I dont want anyone to feel like they have to. Heck, i dont want anyone to feel like they even need to read my blog in the first place. I write for me. I am glad other people read it – as long as it’s fun for them! I know this doesn’t really apply to YOU, Elizabeth.. but you know, we all have crazy busy lives,and i could see how my siblings, friends and second cousins might need a break from keeping up with Amy once in a while. ya know?

  3. Amy,

    I hope the kids are better today!

    “Walking in the Spirit.” Hmmmmm…. What will dad say? To walk is to go somewhere, a journey: a journey to the store, a friend house or grandpa in Florida. Walking is the action. The spirit is the containment, the envelopment. For me, I go for a daily walk, so my mind while I walk is in meditation. Meditation on family, job, God… AS we go through the day, each action is the beginning of a journey to somewhere, either physical or spiritual…well always there is the content spiritual outcome in all things.

    So as we move through our day; spiritual influence, moral makeup, karma, positive and negative outcomes are ever present. All things are tied together; the Spirit of God is a continuum , from one room to the next and one moment to the next. It is impossible to separate a moment and exclusively treat it differently and not expect it to affect the next moment or day. You cannot be bad today and expect a good outcome for tomorrow.

    Every breath, everything we eat, every choice we make are dependent upon us making the correct choice. Some of our choices require intellectual processing, but ALL of our choice require and have influence on our spiritual world. To say we are separate from our spiritual world, or not “walking in the Spirit” is to not understand that spiritual world is inescapable. We are always “In the Spirit”, it is massive and we are in it and move through it. We require it!

    The trick to peace is to acknowledge our present status in the spirit and bend, submit ourselves to the present condition of the spirit: to not fight, but to seek God’s voice – the spirit. Our choices become very clear when we listen to the voice from within our soul. When we mute that spiritual conversation it will cost us peace in both our physical and spiritual world.

    I look toward you, all of my children, family, my friends, to God, and from everyone to tune my “spiritual ear”. I listen to their words and I measure them as I walk. And hopefully, I will obey the voice of God and walk daily in the spirit, in the light, in harmony with every step I take.



  4. Im glad you enjoyed the falsetto : )
    I love your thought about being in step with the spirit and dancing. When I think of dancing in the context of that verse I also think of how unlike walking, dancing involves random movements and moves that stretch physical limits sometimes , and its that way with God as well. He is our coreographer, telling us to do things with our feet (life) that feel out of sync with what we’re used to doing by ourself and we don’t understand the purpose of it, but in the end we can see the final product and how those moves are necessary to create a beautiful image.

    Your thoughts are awesome : ] keep it up

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