Day 19: Walking on Sunshine!

It was a good day.  Highlights? 

1) I got out of class an hour early. Which lead to…

2) getting to spend some time rummaging through some cute shops downtown, secretley hunting for a specific handbag that I’ve dreamed up.  Not sure if it really exists though…

3) I bumped into fellow Blogrimager Joe Schmidt and his beautiful wife at church.

4) And my family and I went to Jim’s for ice cream after dinner. Blake chose Superman, Grace – Moose Tracks, Drew – custard, Me – choc. soft serve.

Today was a taste of summer for sure! 

I walked a ton today, it felt wonderful.  I felt like me again. 

Let me explain… when I was in highschool, I pretty much always had a job downtown, and we lived just about 1 mile from downtown.  I didn’t drive,  I walked. (I waited to get my license till I was married and pregnant)  I walked and walked and walked.  My first summer working downtown I got stretch marks on my calves from increasing my calf muscles so much… 

But walking downtown is a dream!  So much to see, hear, and smell.  Today I felt like that same Amy, confident and filled with a sense of wonder. 

And as awful as it may sound, to walk without my kids for a while is good for me.  It is a much-needed break from the constant questions and needs that they have.   Yes, having babies is so physically demanding, always on your toes making sure your baby thrives. Then as they get older, and I know I am just starting to get a taste, weighty issues like shaping their character come into play.   Contrary to popular belief,  it isn’t easy to be a child.  The desire for independence clashes with their immaturity.  There is so much to learn and understand, so much that doesn’t seem fair.   Parenting children who are coming to grips with an unkind world can be a challenge…  emotionally draining at times.

walking alone today provided some needed ‘me’ time.  it was good.  although i am still searching for the perfect handbag… 😉


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