~ Day 20 ~

Saw this on Alece’s blog, and had to share:

excercise: bike ride, and doing some serious mopping, cleaning and scrubbing. I worked up a sweat.

Phone: talked to my friend Songbird… discussing nose piercings and tattoos!  I used to have my nose pierced… and I’ve always said I might get a tattoo for my thirtieth birthday.  Hmm… my thirtieth is creeping up and I don’t seem any closer to making any decision on this subject…

Today I thought about modesty.  About how much I love it.  I love it for me, and I love it for the sake of my brothers in Christ who don’t need the distraction. 

I bought a shirt from a mission in Africa last week, and ordered a LARGE.   And it fits on the small side of perfect.  This is strange to me, because I am not a large woman.  If the average woman in America wears a size 10/12, than I am below average… and so shouldn’t I fit a medium?  But aye carumba they keep making women’s clothing smaller and smaller.  Just cuz we got it doesn’t mean we should flaunt it.  I could rant quite a bit here… I could go another three paragraphs easy.  But I’ll stop.  

I have a few free T Shirts in my dresser that are too tight… and I’ve lived with them for a while… but I am realizing today that as much as I hate spending money on clothes, replacing these Tees will be a good thing…




3 thoughts on “~ Day 20 ~

  1. Modesty is a good thing, no one likes to be distracted. Men are very visual creatures. As hunters, we see a deer afar and draw our arrow. When is comes to reproduction instinct, men are drawn to female clues, like large red lips, radiant skin, and clues that indicate fertility, and the ability to have and nurture children. So, it is natural to be distracted…BUT it IS a DISTRACTION!

    In some cultures a man has two wives or more. In other cultures, women have multiple husbands. Maybe somehow these work in those cultures. Personally, being of EURO-American heritage I find it to be a distraction and in direct conflict with the building of a deep and meaningful relationship. OK, I am not the authority on meaningful relationships, but my experience is that depth comes from exclusivity.

    Now for Modest: Modesty is good as long as it does not breach false piety, and become that the appearance is “the Substance”, rather than the outcome of a natural desire to live at peace and in harmony.


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