~Day 22~

I am starting to fear that being required to blog everyday is making me lose my desire to blog.  hmm…

To meet my excercise goal, I did push-up/sit-up/leg lift combinations again.

And for my phone time: My sister… I mean ‘Belle’… called ME today.

But I told her it wasn’t fair, because I was going to call HER tonight…  Anyway, I’m glad she did! 

 The kids and I rode to the park today…  It was so pleasant. Although I have to admit that I was studying my Microbiology text instead of playing with the kids…  but they had fun with the other kids and I got some needed study time in.

I also took Grace to the doctor today… it was our first visit to a new doctor since we moved.  I am happy to report that we both really liked the doctor – who got Grace to laugh by informing her that he needed to look in her ears to “check for squirrels.” 

In the waiting room we ran into my math teacher from 6th grade – who substitute teaches at my children’s elementary.  Grace recognized him right away and started acting super shy.   She’s so funny that way – Super vocal, humorous and outgoing sometimes, and then suddenly self-aware and shy…. 

It was fun to see my old teacher – I mentioned my son’s name and he smiled and said good things about Blake.  It is encouraging as a parent when teachers have good things to say about your kids.

I was surprised he remembered me at all, 16 years later.  He remembered me having long curly hair, and being  seemingly mature. He said it seemed like I didn’t understand why other kids in class were less mature…(such thoughts would then make me not as mature as I thought I was…)  at least I think I’m paraphrasing him right.  I didn’t realize all of that came across back then, but I know some of my highschool teachers made the same characterization about me.  

Later today, I got to have some too-fun girl time with my mom; we stopped by Caribou and then rummaged through some shops downtown.  Shopping at cute stores has a way of making me feel totally UNfashionable.  Most times I enjoy not being caught up in the whirlwind that is fashion, until I enter a super cute clothing store… and start to want a totally updated wardrobe.

In other news, anyone need some free sticks or leaves?   They are all over my yard and for the taking,  just bring your own rakes and yard bags. 🙂


7 thoughts on “~Day 22~

  1. Ah yes… the Raven Café. They do make an Authentic Cappuccino – Unlike the American cappuccino you get at Start bucks and Caribou and a host of other places. There are few places the East Side that serve a real Italian cap and the in Birmingham there is Salvatore Scallopini. But, the Raven has the Coffee and a GREAT and unique atmosphere, with very good food.

    Chef, Jerry
    (world traveler and coffee connoisseur)

  2. Hey Chef Jerry! I don’t think I’ve been to Salvatore Scallopini – but it sure has a fun name. I want to check it out (maybe with you?)

    I must admit, I love the Raven for it’s atmosphere – I could put a bed there and call it home. Books and artwork everywhere! I think I’ve only had plain ol’ coffee there – but next time I’ll try the cap – in honor of my world travelin’ dad.

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