Day 23

 Eating ice cream.  Watching LOST.  Blogging.

 I should be studying.

I will get back to studying, but can I  quickly share some fun news?

You may remember I was searching for the perfect handbag.

I had been wanting something smallish, grey, and practical.

Today, my mom bought me an early birthday present.  ———> 

Happiness in a handbag. 

I have a very nice Momma.


Only seven days left of the Blogrimage project. 😦

I would like to finish strong.






6 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. Being a guy…judging handbags is…well a remote experience. And I do not know about other guys, but I would say you can judge a woman by “the bag”. Now that being said, let me clarify, each bag, each woman, in any particular moment is different, but in general (don’t you love people who generalize)…JUDGE the bag – KNOW the woman.

    Big stuffy sloppy bags – WATCH OUT, Big expensive bags – same thing (trouble)
    Artistic bag – Artistic mind, Practical and Neat – OK! (but there better be a elegant little clutch for those beautiful moments)

    Quite honestly, I have judged woman by their purses consistently and have either run the other way or been attracted and wanting to know more. So, here here, a toast to women’s bags and the identity they declare.

    BTW, Amy I love your new bag!


    • Interesting! I appreciate the perspective of a guy. I match my handbags not only to my outfit, but also to my moods, so you would not be too far off to make some judgments based on the bag…

      I love this bag for it’s practicality and quality materials, but don’t worry dad, I have all sorts of elegant clutches too 😉

      love you.

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